Wednesday, November 2, 2016

,Are You Living Your Best Life Right Now?

Are living your BEST life right now?  In other words, are you using your natural skills, talents and abilities in your everyday life? Or have you placed them on the “HOLD” to pursue what you perceive to be ‘more important things?’  Let's explore 5 reasons why you should pursue what you love for a living; turn your passion into your profession or find the perfect job and live your BEST life RIGHT NOW!


It may seem like a pipe dream or a fairy tale to think about "turning your passion into your profession" as I often suggest.  But I believe you really can do that, and I am living proof!
When you can do what you love for a living, actually getting PAID for something you would do for FREE all day long, life becomes sweeter!  You wake up every morning excited about the day, because you know you get to do what you love to do again!  No guilt - no reservations!  This is your career now, your income! 
I'm sure you've heard the expression: "Do what you love and the money will follow!" That might be just a bid of an overstatement, as there is work involved, sometimes challenging work, but this statement is also true in many ways!  There have been a number of studies conducted that indicate happy people make more money!  That does make sense when you stop to think of it.  Wouldn't you be far more productive if you were thrilled with what you were doing?  If you are already in this position, would you agree with this statement?  You are more prone to stay with something if you love it than if you hate it, and you're just putting the time in to get through the day! 
Even if you are not an entrepreneur by nature, you don't necessarily have to start your own business to do what you love!  Find a company whose mission and industry resonate with your own core values, and give yourself ownership of the job they assign to you that fits with your natural skills. Look for the RIGHT opportunity rather than just settling for anything. Try to find something you are truly passionate about.  Something you will thoroughly enjoy doing day after day.    
Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Ideal Occupation / Career:
You will be more motivated:  Surely getting up every day will be more exciting if you know you are about to embark on yet another day of doing what you love to do!  You will be motivated to work, motivated to take better care of your health and even motivated to find balance with your family.  
You'll have better mental health:  Studies show that when you are able to do what you love for a living, your mental health improves.  Why?  One reason is because there is a significant reduction of stress and pressure from outside sources. This kind of stress is very taxing on the brain and can even cause the brain to atrophy!  A calm and happy heart literally creates a healthier brain.
You will be more productive.  It stands to reason that if you love what you do you will be  more productive, and studies bear this out.  You will stay with a project longer, be more committed to it and be more patient with it when you feel an attachment to what you are doing.  
You will feel more fulfilled:  When you are actively engaged in your passion, you are also having a positive effect on others. Serving others in a way that, at the same time showcases your talents and abilities, is very rewarding and fulfilling!  You are helping them while doing what you absolutely love to do!  Can you think of anything better?  Everyone wins here!  
  Your work won't feel like a drudgery:  Instead of cringing when the alarm clock goes off, you will, more times than not, spring out of bed to get to it.  When you strike out on your own, you oftentimes work more hours than if you were working for someone else, but the difference is, it doesn't FEEL like work because you love it so much!  And, if you play your cards right, you will be making far more money doing what YOU love to do than building someone else's dream.  
Well, there you have it!  Five good reasons to do what you love for a living!  There are many more reasons too. We have only scratched the surface here, but hopefully it will be enough to get you thinking about what life can look like for you if you actually pursue your dream, and use your innate gifts every day.
If you would like to explore the possibilities for yourself but you don't know where to begin, by all means give me a call, and I will be happy to help you discover what may be possible for you!  In the meantime, join my mailing list by TEXT OR EMAIL ME in order to receive my monthly newsletter, full of great ideas, motivation and inspiration. 
To your success,
Leanne Cannon